My Advocacy

Midpen board meetings cover many interesting and important topics, but after attending many meetings, I had heard very little discussion of trails. Since trails are the primary feature through which most open space users enjoy the preserves, I wanted to insert more trail discussion into the meetings to increase awareness of user goals and best practices in trail design and trail system management. The topics below contain the verbal and written input I’ve presented to the board over the past year.

Trail Topics is an ongoing project.  Its purpose is to make sure that at least some small portion of each MROSD board meeting is devoted to trails, since the trails are the way that most users enjoy the open space. 

Several trail users have spoken in favor of my input in recent meetings.  I’m proud to say that they include equestrians, hikers, and mountain bikers. 

Trail use opens our eyes and minds to the value of the open space.  It draws us back, and in the end it creates the next generation of land stewards. 

  • Narrow Ridge to Valley Trails

    Narrow Ridge to Valley Trails

    I’d like to introduce another trail topic to help spread trail advocacy.  I appreciate the board providing a forum to discuss these topics with staff as well Tonight I’ll speak about trails that connect, more or less, from the Skyline Ridge to Silicon Valley, and specifically those that are purpose-built narrow, sustainable trails.  These have […]

  • Comments on Board Retreat Topics

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to follow and comment on the board retreat. I didn’t comment live as I wanted to collect some more coherent thoughts about the board and staff discussion. I hope the following comments can be useful. AA04 El Corte De Madera There was a discussion about the single-use bike trail option […]

  • Comments on Conservation Grazing

    I listened to the discussion on agricultural policy with a lot of interest, though I have to admit this is an area where I don’t have much background or experience. I want to make a few comments about the policy and the board discussion. There were a few comments from the board to the effect […]

  • Directing Traffic

    Directing Traffic

    In some of my previous Trail Topics I’ve mentioned that planners can use specific trails to improve user experience both on the trail in question and on related routes.  I’d like to expand on this idea and provide some data to illustrate the point.  I’ve submitted a comment online and directly to staff to provide […]

  • Comments on Mt. Umunhum

    These comments were provided to the board offline in support of David Schwaderer’s video and public comment in the 2/16/2022 board meeting.  Mr. Schwaderer’s video can be seen here: Public comment video on Mt. Um Long version I’d like to comment in support of Dave Schwaderer’s presentation on access to Mount Umunhum. Mr. Schwaderer contacted […]

  • Beginners and …

    Beginners and …

    Thanks, and good evening.  On April 30th I helped the Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers in tabling at Midpen’s 50th Anniversary Bayside Family Festival.  Thanks for all your hard work and creativity to put on a fantastic event.   It was nice to meet and speak to many Midpen staff and directors there. The most common question […]